The Research and Communications Group (RCG) is a small, specialized consultancy company committed to improving social development outcomes. We provide clients and partners with the highest standards of excellence and objectivity in program design, research and evaluation.

We have a strong track record in working with government, multilateral, NGO, private sector and community partners to deliver high-quality results on development projects across the world, including in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Pacific, Latin America and Europe.

“RCG provided us with a wealth of information, overlaid with evidenced critical analysis and backed by years of learning and experience within the contexts we were assessing. This gave the project’s reports and outputs a level of nuance and complexity that we believe we would not have received from other consultants”

Ame Sagiv, Director Forced Labour and Human Trafficking, Humanity United

RCG provides a range of interlinked services in the design, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of development activities, all with a view to securing effective, positive and, where possible, sustainable outcomes for program beneficiaries and other stakeholders.

RCG Reflex is a tailored suite of services to help businesses eliminate forced labour from their global supply chains.

Since its inception in December 2007, RCG has undertaken more than 210 assignments, spanning 80 countries across the world. The assignments cover a wide range of sectoral areas, such as ensuring the access of ethnic minority children to education, securing market access for marginalized women, mitigating the health and social effects of large transport and mining projects, and equipping government and non-government organizations to respond to forced labour.

RCG consists of a small, close-knit team with a proven track record in delivering high-quality outcomes. Each team member combines skills and experience in research and evaluation, high-level communication and interpersonal skills, and areas of specific sectoral expertise. The core RCG team is complemented by a roster of professional associates, selected on quality, work ethic, personal skills and performance.

The knowledge and communication skills of the RCG team have allowed us to work effectively with a wide range of partners, including governments, UN and other multilateral organizations, local and international NGOs, private sector entities and local communities. RCG is committed to transparency with its partners and only accepts assignments in its areas of specialization.

Countries where we have worked with our partners

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RCG assures quality by only undertaking assignments for which we are fully qualified. Each RCG assignment is overseen by a senior RCG staff member. We only engage associates that are known to RCG and have both the personal and technical skills for the assignment at hand. We pride ourselves on client satisfaction, which almost invariably leads to additional offers of work.

RCG’s consultants have written or contributed to a wide variety of highly regarded reports and papers in their areas of expertise. Our clear and concise publications are based on thorough research and analysis, are carefully tailored to the intended audience, and present useful and actionable recommendations.